Tuesday, April 21, 2009

First One To Leave The Yard

Welcome to the first ever post for "Last Ones To Leave The Yard." If you are looking to talk about fantasy baseball, (or fantasy football when that rolls around), you've come to the right place. A little about me...I am just some guy who does very well in Fantasy Baseball and Fantasy Football leagues. I try to limit my participation to no more than 2 leagues per season. It takes a lot of work to play to win.

This is probably not new for anyone bothering to read this, but to set the tone for what you can expect from me...Philosophically I believe there are 3 major components to winning a league (Or at least finishing in the money):

1. A good draft (including good planning)
2. Good in-season management
3. Luck

I have definitely had my share of #3.

At any rate, thank you in advance for checking out this blog. I'll try to post regularly depending on interest. Feel free to ask any questions. I only have 2 requests: 1. Please refrain from advertising and 2. Please refrain from being mean-spirited. This is a family show, let's keep it clean.

So, that's it; I promise the next post will be more baseball oriented.

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