Sunday, May 31, 2009

I'm relieved he's starting...

Before I get on to this week's discussion let's recap the post from two weeks ago...I recommended we go fishing on Medlen. If you picked him up and started him you were rewarded with 8+ innings of crap over two starts and then he showed up this afternoon. Medlen managed to go 6 innings, allowing one run and 9 Ks against 1 walk and 4 hits in his first career victory. Apparently Chipper Jones gave him some advice after watching him walk the first batter of the game: "Throw strikes." Now, if you are crazy like me, today's game is enough to keep hoping Chipper's advice sinks in and Medlen becomes the pitcher we want him to be. So, he will remain stashed on my bench to see if he is real or Memorex.

Oh and for a footnote, apparently my bias for former and current Royals may not be a good strategy. After one very promising 10 strikeout performance, De La Rosa has returned to the state of most Rockies pitchers. Oh well can't win 'em all.

Now, on to this week's person of interest...on again, off again starter/reliever, Randy Wells. After 5 great starts in Iowa, the 27 year old rookie has continued to put up some impressive numbers in his 4 big league starts posting a 1.80 ERA and 23 Ks in 25 innings. Trouble is he is still seeking his first victory.

Unlike Medlen, I am less convinced of Wells. Not that he hasn't been fantastic. It's just that his minor league career shows a great strikeout ability consistent with all the relieving he has done and I suspect the league will begin to figure him out once they have seen him once or twice. It is possible at his age he has "learned to pitch" but I'm not so sure. Either way, if you believe the Cubs will begin to turn things around he's worth the risk. He's also a two start pitcher this week and I'm going to put my money where my mouth is and start him. Do the same at your own risk.

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